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Five Gourmet Delicacies That Will Invite You to Visit Peshawar Again and Again

“Good Food is Good Mood” – Anonymous

Believe it or not, it is the food that fills your soul and nourishes your body. Food is nothing less than the nectar that supports life and it becomes really essential to eat amazing things. When you are out and about the travel to an exotic location, food is something that fills your memories with fragrances. Ever wondered why you feel so satisfied just with the smell of the food! Your mood uplifts just on the call of delicious food and it does great wonders when combined with travel.

Planning to book Cheap Flights to Peshawar? If you know anything about Peshawar city then you would already know how the city is famously known for its cuisines. The moment you step into the bazaars (market area); you will be able to smell mesmerizing food from far. Peshawar is famous for its Pashtun cuisines that emerged predominantly in eastern Afghanistan and western Pakistan. The cuisines are largely based on preparations that include different cereals and meat variety. These dishes also include dairy products, nuts, and locally grown vegetables.

If you are visiting Peshawar for the first time then here are five gourmet delicacies that you can relish upon. So let’s get our list started –

  1. Chapli Kebabs – Chapli kebabs are authentic Peshawari style delicacy made out of minced beef or mutton combined with flavorful spices. It is found all over Pakistan but the kind of kebabs you get in Peshawar is just amazing. It is often eaten as the appetizer and even main course or side dish. You can easily find this dish on the streets and can even eat this in the form of sandwiches with a naan.
  2. Mantu – Mantu are dumpling sort of cuisine but is of Turkic origin. These are specifically made of spiced meat mixture wrapped in dough. It is available in both boiled and steam variant and is diversely prepared in Russia and other Central Asian countries. Typically served with a flavored sauce and herbs, it is a great dish to relish upon in your lunch.
  3. Peshawari Kulchey – Kulchey and Peshawar are identified as one. Being the staple food item of Peshawar, you can expect a great deal of perfection in the manner it is baked. Kulchey is nothing but the flatbread that is eaten with one or more side dishes. These are soft and fluffy in shape and melts just as you toss it in your mouth. You got to taste this once as you are out in the bazaars of Peshawar.
  4. Aush – A rich and fragrant soup is the finest way to begin your full course meal for the evening. To satisfy your craving, you can start with Aush which is a soup dish made of Afghani noodles, vegetables, and a tomato based broth. To amplify the taste of this dish, yogurt sauce and dried mint leaves are added on the top. The rich flavors of this soup will serve as a great appetizer for starting any meal.
  5. Peshawari Qahwa – Qahwa is the most important and highly enjoyed beverage of Peshawar. It is nothing but your old tea that just got a makeover. It is served along with the delicious Peshawari cuisines and supports digestion. The warm and sweet taste of Qahwa is excellent to go along with your meals and is even an excellent beverage to keep you awake at night. Natives of Peshawar grab their Qahwa for the rounds of endless chit chats and other occasions.

Book your cheap flights to Peshawar from London and experience the flavors of these amazing delicacies.

Islamabad or Karachi: Which Travel Destination Should Make to Your Travel bucket List?

Are you a travel enthusiast with a bucket list loaded with destinations? Traveling presents us with chances of knowing the world through a lens. It takes us close to the culture, lifestyle, and people that we hardly know. It is said that the more you travel, the more amazing your life becomes. It presents you with the opportunities of knowing the unique creation of nature that helps you in finding your own self. Every person who travels goes through some form of transformation in their life.

If you are planning to take your Cheap Flights from London to Islamabad soon then you might want to know whether or not it will be the perfect destination for you to explore. There are plenty of amazing cities in Pakistan and each one of it is unique in its ways. However, Islamabad and Karachi are two prominent cities that will catch your focus even before landing in Pakistan. You will think which city you should explore first? To solve your confusion, read what Islamabad and Karachi can add to your travel journey and make the right selection on your own.

Islamabad –

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan with the population of two million and geographically amazing location. It is also popularly known as the future city of the world and its beauty is simply amazing to explain. Surrounded by the hills all around, the fresh scenery of Islamabad is one of a kind in Pakistan. The city neighbors with Rawalpindi on one side, which is another amazing city of Pakistan. You will get an uptown vibe as soon as you step in Islamabad. These are a few things that set Islamabad unique enough to explore –

  • The city is luxurious in every possible way
  • The city is very diverse and is a hub for international tourists
  • The city has skyscrapers that will mesmerize you
  • The city is very affordable and you can explore everything within your budget
  • There are plenty of amazing cafes and high-end restaurants here
  • The city is surrounded by its own hills known as Margalla Hills
  • You can always find adventurous activities for fun here

Karachi –

Karachi is another popular city of Pakistan located on the shore of the Arabian Sea. It is the largest and most populous city of Pakistan and is the most cosmopolitan city of all. It is the commercial center and a major transportation hub in Pakistan. The city is densely crowded and is also the entertainment hub of Pakistan. The media and film industry of Pakistan is deeply rooted in the culture of Karachi and you will experience it the moment you put your first step here. These are a few things that define Karachi and make it exploration worthy for the travelers –

  • The city has interesting and incomparable culture
  • The city has diverse crowd speaking Urdu and Punjabi
  • It is a craft lover’s paradise as you can find plenty of amazing things
  • The city has amazing bazaars with bustling crowd
  • You will amazing mouth smacking local cuisines in bazaars here
  • The city is a rich blend of old and new
  • The city is a shopper’s paradise from where you can purchase things

Both these cities have a unique charm about them; Islamabad is more luxurious while Karachi is more simple yet fun. Islamabad has cold and hot temperature at various seasons of the year. Whereas, Karachi’s temperature remains fairly moderate all year. You can book your Cheap Flights to Islamabad to experience the city life of Islamabad or you can start your journey from Karachi.

No matter which city you choose, you will certainly enjoy the cultural spark of Pakistan!

7 Reasons Why You Need to Book Cheap Flights to Islamabad during These Vacations

Do you want to explore the travel pleasures of South Asia? South Asia is a subcontinent comprised of countries such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, etc. It is one of the most rapidly progressing economies with a rich cultural heritage associated with it. Every country in this subcontinent has something unique about it. Traveling to this part of the world has its own share of advantages and you would love to explore the wonderful destinations here. If you are planning to visit any of the mentioned countries on vacations then we would recommend you to start from Islamabad.

You can book your Cheap Flights from London to Islamabad to start the amazing journey to this subcontinent. Here are seven reasons why beginning your journey from Islamabad would be the right thing to do –

1. It is a Chic Capital City – Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, commonly identified as the planned and modern city. This city is dreamlike and living here will feel like a luxury. It is also equipped with great infrastructure which is comparably better than most of the South Asian cities that you visit. You will be able to experience the delight of contemporary living in the freshest ambiance ever by staying here.

2. It is Surrounded by the Hills – Do you enjoy spending your vacations in hills? Islamabad will be the best vacation destination for you. The city is surrounded by the famous Margalla Hills that falls under Himalayan Mountain Range. These hills look amazing during every season of the year, especially on the rainy days. You can easily travel back and fro Margalla hills from Islamabad, making the best hangout destination for the weekends.

3. Great Spot for Adventure Sports – Love adventure sports? You can enjoy city life and adventure sports both at Islamabad. Margalla Hills offer the best spot for taking activities such as hiking, cycling, go-karting, shooting, paragliding etc. You are never going to have a low time here since all these activities will provide you a great thrill of adventure.


4. It is hugely diverse and international – Islamabad is a city that spells diversity in every manner. People from around the world come to live and explore this city and you will more likely to run into tourists every now and then. The amazing lifestyle of this city makes it an ideal destination to take vacations in Pakistan.

5. Has got Amazing Places to Eat – Pakistan is well famous for its mouth-smacking food and there are plenty of bazaars that you can find here. The most amazing part of living in Islamabad is that you can relish on delicious cuisines that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Take an early morning or evening tour to Islamabad’s bazaars; there are plenty of local and high-end eating options available here.

6. Has got Amazing Buildings and Structures – Islamabad is well famous for its architecture and is one of a kind city in Pakistan as well as South Asia. There are plenty of sky-high luxurious buildings that you are going to find here. Don’t forget to visit Faisal Mosque, it is pristine white and has got an unconventional design that you would hardly see anywhere else in the world. The mosque appears mesmerizing on a rainy day, so make sure you visit it if you plan to explore Islamabad in monsoon season.

7. Things are Extremely Affordable Here – Pakistan is a really inexpensive country when you compare it with other popular travel destinations of the world. Go for it if you are in for a cultural escape and want to spend the least money on travel. You will also easily find Cheap Flights to Islamabad to explore the marvelous city of Pakistan. Begin your journey to Islamabad and you would cherish the memories forever!

Five Safest and Liveliest Middle Eastern Cities Which Must Be Included In Your Travel List

You find the best travel destinations at most unexpected places, same goes with the Middle East. The region is far ancient and millions of civilizations have been thriving here from time immemorial. It is the birthplace of world’s most prominent religions and this reason is enough to go and explore this wonderful subcontinent.

The Middle East holds one of the most wonderful treasures in it and the beautiful mountains, warm streams, sky-high pyramids, etc. constitute to it. But the frequent political turmoil and happenings of terrorist attacks often pushes you to rethink your decision of exploring the Middle East. You would be surprised to know that there are plenty of safe and lively cities that you can explore in the Middle East. You can always start your journey by taking cheap flights to Dubai from London and then exploring your way to other amazing cities.

Here are top five Middle Eastern cities apart from Dubai that you would love spending your vacations at –

1. Abu Dhabi – Abu Dhabi is the second most populous city of United Arab Emirates and is one of the most lavish and liveliest cities of the Middle East. The oil export and commerce has defined the grandeur of this city and it is a sheer paradise for the travelers. With a number of skyline towers and shopping mega centers, Abu Dhabi ranks among top-most luxurious places to live on the Earth. There is a lot that you can actually do in Abu Dhabi, join a dessert safari, explore the local souks, and indulge in local cuisines for a wonderful experience.

2. Doha – Doha is the capital city of the State of Qatar and is counted among most populous cities of the Middle East. It is one of the fastest growing cities and you can feel it the moment you step in here. Doha is a perfect travel destination for you if you are looking to know The Middle Eastern culture a bit close. Also, the modern lifestyle and abundance of water sports make it the best place for adventurous souls. You will find a number of Islamic museums, mosques and art galleries to explore here.


3. Muscat – Muscat is the capital city of Oman and perfectly sits between the mountains and desert. The city has an elaborate port where a number of commercial activities are performed each day. Muscat is the perfect amalgamation of Middle Eastern culture with modern lifestyle. Being extremely safe and lively city, you can almost always fall in love with this destination. Take a city tour to explore museums, mosques, and opera house here. Oman also has its personal Grand Canyon at Al Hajar Mountains that you must pay a visit to.

4. Jerusalem – Israel is a country of great religious importance and its capital Jerusalem is, therefore, a city that you must visit at least once in a lifetime. Located between Mediterranean and Dead Sea, this oldest city of the world holds one of the most beautiful and ancient churches of the world. Take a tour to the old city where you will find a number of churches, marketplaces, synagogues, and more to explore. Visiting Jerusalem will be like taking a journey through to the ancient times through a time machine, as you can never get enough of it.

5. Cairo – The capital metropolitan of Egypt, Cairo is an ancient yet really dynamic city located on the bank of Nile. The city is densely populated and holds the magnificent Giza pyramids that are a must watch. Cairo reflects its culture and modern lifestyle through everything and the city is extremely safe to travel to. There are also a number of mosques, mummy museums, and downtown region that you could explore when you visit the city.

Make sure that you pre-book Cheap Dubai Hotels or accommodation in any of these cities to avoid the possible hassle. The accommodation costs can be varied in all these cities and hence you must plan for that in advance.

Top 3 Fantastic Caribbean Countries that are Ideal for Honeymoon Travel

The wedding is termed as the beginning of a new life together and something which is eagerly looked upon. The days after the D-day should be celebrated in the most frolic manner ever and that’s all honeymoon is about. You must be starry-eyed to begin your married journey and there could be nothing more fun than taking a travel leap at such occasion. There are various fancy honeymoon destinations across the globe inviting you to come and explore. But exploring the Caribbean has its own divine side, the mesmerizing landscape, and tranquil surroundings bring you some relaxing time. The fascinating blue waters, gleaming sunlight and abundantly huge sea shores are some of the finest offerings of Caribbean.

You can begin your Caribbean journey by taking flights to Barbados and then moving forward. There are various small and large countries located in the Caribbean and each one of them has something fancy about it. To sort your honeymoon plan we have combined a list of three spectacular Caribbean destinations that are worth your time and money. So without any wait, let’s get started with the most romantic destination list of Caribbean –

1. Cuba – Cuba is a popular island of Caribbean with the largest living space in the Caribbean. The country is popular for its white sand beaches and tobacco production. Cuba exhibits the Spanish colonial culture through its wonderful architecture and you will be able to experience a cultural escape in its local lanes. If you as a couple enjoy the cultural escape then Cuba will be the ideal honeymoon destination for you. Havana brings you a little closer to the city life of Cuba while the Varadero will bring forward the exquisite Caribbean experience. There are plenty of destinations to explore in Cuba and you can’t just get enough of it.

2. St. Lucia – St Lucia is another famous Caribbean destination located in the east, it is a famous honeymoon destination with plenty of natural landscape beauty. This island country offers ultimate peaceful refuge to you and your beau. You can recline on the scenic beaches with your beau or can even take underwater exploration to add some fun to your lively days. The famous pitons of St. Lucia are excellent to take on a hike with your partner. Find some time to check out Castries, a famous shopping and harbor destination in St. Lucia.

3. Barbados – Barbados is a brilliant Caribbean island destination to spend your romantic days at. The island is located in the eastern Caribbean and has a variety of scenic sights to offer. The country was once a British colony and holds breathtaking scenery to mesmerize your senses. From late night romantic strolls along the beach to the cruise rides, you will find a lot of romantic things to do here as a couple. Visit Bridgetown which pours Barbados culture thoroughly and Bathsheba is a brilliant destination to experience the adventurous surfing. You can also easily find plenty of affordable hotels in Barbados for the luxurious and comfortable living.

So, which one would you like to choose for your honeymoon vacation?

6 Excellently Scenic and Must See Destinations of the Caribbean Wonder St Lucia

Caribbean Islands are counted as the most beautiful and scenic travel spot in the entire world. It’s impossible to deny the irresistible beauty and travel-friendly ambiance of these islands. People from all over the world visit the exquisite beaches of Caribbean to feed themselves some quality time with nature. There are a plenty of islands located in the Caribbean Sea, but St Lucia is a country that you just can’t miss to explore. Keep reading this blog to know more about St Lucia’s most precious travel destinations.

St Lucia is no bigger than a dot on the paper when you try to search it on the world map and it neighbors some of the most amazing Caribbean countries like Barbados, Dominica, Antigua, etc. You can begin your journey to Caribbean islands by availing cheap flights to St Lucia and then travel to all those wonderful gems of Caribbean Sea. These are six scenically fantastic travel attractions that you can’t afford to miss in St Lucia –

1. Pitons – The Pitons are the most prominent landmark of St Lucia and no trip to St Lucia can ever be complete without visiting the pitons. The twin towering peaks of St. Lucia is formed by volcanic activity in the past and is now a really famous traveling spot. The height of both the pitons is more than 700 meters and is quite tough to climb to. The tourists often visit this place to get indulged in splendid landscape beauty and to take cliff diving from the top.

2. Rodney Bay – Rodney Bay is located on the northwest coast of St Lucia and it is the busiest commercial hub of the country. The place is named after a British naval officer George Brydges Rodney. This bay is the epicenter of modern resorts, hotels, fun bars, duty-free shopping, etc. You can find a lot of amazing St. Lucia’s delicacies to indulge in over here. Also find a lot of adventure sports to cherish as you explore this fantastic destination.

3. Pigeon Island – Pigeon Island holds extremely great historical significance in St. Lucia. This island was a British and French battleground in past and now it is a really famous historical destination to visit. Here you will find multiple old forts of both British and French origin along with the exquisite landscape exhibiting the abundant beauty of St Lucia.

4. Gros Islet – Gros Islet is located on the northern tip of St Lucia and is a brilliant destination to have some fishing. You can take a lovely cruise to catch some local fishes while experiencing the divine beauty of this destination’s landscape. Get involved with locals by striking some fantastic conversations over some delicious delicacies and grooving music.

5. Vieux Fort – Vieux Fort is located on the southern tip of St Lucia and is famous for its beaches and lighthouses. Earlier, it used to be a center for sugar industry of St Lucia but is now a famous tourist spot. You can take a cruise on the boat or can also indulge in some sightseeing at this destination. The beach here is extremely serene and will let you fall in love with the peace.

6. Laborie Quarter – Laborie Quarter used to once come under the administrative division of French. The place is a surreal beauty of landscapes and turquoise blue waters. Here you can also interact with locals of villages and can even take a few adventure sports to bring up the adrenaline levels. At the end, you will be mesmerized with the experiences that you build over here.

Explore all these abundantly beautiful destinations of Caribbean by taking your much-awaited flights to St Lucia. Make the most of your Caribbean travel by traveling just the best destinations!

5 Best Beautiful Scenic Valleys of Pakistan to Leave you Entirely Mesmerized

Pakistan is located on the abode of most beautiful and abundant natural surroundings. Apart from being a country of rich cultural and historical significance, Pakistan ranks among most beautiful countries of the Indian subcontinent. Its vivid geography and imprints of cultural heritage on every single thing makes it a place worth exploring on and about. From hot harsh desert in the west to the cool valleys of the north, take your needed vacations to Pakistan and indulge in exotically brilliant valleys.

Begin your journey by taking cheap flights to Islamabad and then proceed to explore these five wonderful valleys mentioned below –

1. Neelum Valley – Neelum Valley is abundantly beautiful and mesmerizing valley located in the Azad Kashmir region. The place is nearly untouched by the tourists and is, therefore, a must explore destination when you are planning to visit Pakistan. Located in foothills of lesser Himalayas, Neelum valley is towered with huge hills and lush greenery along with flowing Neelum River. Destinations like Athmuqam, Karen, Neelum, Baboon, Noori top, Ratti Galli, Sharda Fort, etc. should be visited when you are here.

2. Hunza Valley – Hunza Valley is a picturesque mountain beauty located in the midst of Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. With a great elevation of 2500 meters and the Hunza River flowing at the close proximity, you can expect some stunning views in this beautiful valley. Take an extensive tour to check out the glacial regions, high peaks, and riverside regions of Hunza Valley. Diran Base Camp, Hoper Glacier, Khunjrab Pass, Atta Abad Lake and Nagar valley will prove to be great travel destinations here.

3. Kalash Valley – Located in the northern region of Pakistan, Kalash is a mesmerizing valley under the Hindu Kush mountain range. This valley has picturesque scenery that is enough to spellbind you with its natural views. Also, here you can meet locals who have carried forward the legacy of unique ancient Hinduism through numerous years. The culture is extremely different from that of entire Pakistan and you would have a great time knowing it.

4. Naltar Valley – Naltar Valley is a place that will make you fall in love with its appealing natural views and colorful lakes. Located in Gilgit region, this destination is no less than a paradise and the landscapes are a pure delight to watch. Nature resides here in a raw and untouched form enabling you to feel the presence of a heaven on the earth.

5. Swat Valley – Located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan, Swat Valley is counted among the best valleys of Indian Subcontinent. This valley is located in the upper region of the Hindu-Kush mountain range and is often termed as Mini Switzerland of Pakistan. Enjoy the scenic views of the landscape here and fall in love with unaltered beauty as you explore Natural Ushu Valley and Ushu Forest, Mahodand Valley and Lake, Malam Jabba, Bonir, and Der here.

These five spectacular valleys will exemplify your entire experience of exploring Pakistan. Don’t wait but book your cheap flights to Lahore to observe majestic landscapes of Indian Subcontinent.

Five Mysterious and Spooky Places to Explore By Taking Cheap Flight Tickets to India

India is a destination that oozes cultures and spirituality in abundant amounts. The specialty of this nation is that the more you explore the more you are going to love it. Being a myriad of landscapes you can expect a variety of destinations here. But if you are an adventure lover and wish to explore India a bit differently this travel season then keep on reading. We have compiled a list of five amazingly mysterious and spooky destinations that can give you chills.

Take cheap tickets to India and enjoy a petrifying experience at these five spooky destinations –

1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan – Bhangarh Fort is recognized as the most petrifying destinations of all and is also considered among world’s top haunted sites. Bhangarh Fort lies on the way from Jaipur city to Alwar in the Rajasthan State of India. This fort was once a lively royal residency during medieval period but after several events, the entire fort was left stranded. You will hear various horror legends associated with this fort and numerous people reports wild screams after sunset and before sunrise.

2. Dumas Beach, Gujarat – Dumas Beach in Gujarat is the most famous spooky beach of India and it has something really creepy about its atmosphere. Being located in the southern region of Gujarat State, it has mysterious black sand eerie ambiance about it. The beach was once a burial ground for Hindus and is believed to be full of spirits. This beach is at its spookiest in the night!

3. Delhi Cantonment – Delhi is definitely the liveliest metropolitan in India and is famous for its nightlife. But would it excite you if I tell that there is a haunted road in Delhi that becomes ghostly in the night! Yes, Delhi cantonment is an area with amazing greenery and eerie ambiance. While driving past the road, be prepared to come across a lady ghost dressed in white. The lady asks for lift and vanishes as soon as the driver stops. If you refuse to do so, she will follow you with a running speed equivalent to your vehicle.

4. Three Kings Church, Goa – If you are planning to visit Goa sometime soon then visiting Three Kings Church could be thrilling. The church has associated legend of the murder of two Portuguese Kings by a third king who later committed suicide. The three of them were buried inside the church and now this destination is believed to be haunted. People feel mysterious paranormal activities inside this church and the place turns bizarre in the evening.

5. Tunnel Number 103, Shimla – Shimla is a wonderful hill station located in proximity to the capital, Delhi. This hill station was once a British summer resort in colonial age and toy train still runs here. There are plenty of tunnels through which this amazing toy train travels, but the spookiest one is definitely Tunnel Number 103. This tunnel is believed to be haunted by numerous evil spirits and the dark damp ambiance inside makes it even more mysterious. Get prepared to come across a ghostly woman if your train passes through this tunnel.

Explore all these mysterious destinations as you avail your next cheap flight tickets to India.

Five Exceptional Things to do on your Awaited Trip to Lagos, Nigeria

Nigeria is a famous country located in the western geographical area of the African continent. Being a thriving economy, you can expect the blend of modernity and poverty coexisting in the society of Nigeria. The major metropolis of Nigeria is filled with huge skyscrapers and busy crowded roads, whereas you can still find flourishing tribal families in villages of Nigeria. The exceptional diversity and a weird charm about this country attract visitors from all parts of the globe.

Our frequent blog readers might know the best cities and states of Nigeria by now, so we will be discussing a few exceptional things you can do in Nigeria if you are considering taking cheap flights to Nigeria soon –

1. Explore the farms of Lagos – Lagos city is not just a heaven for sky rise buildings and modern golf hubs but you can also find the solace in its countryside. With a variety of farms bordering the city, you can have a glimpse of the rural life here along with the availability of diverse livestock. This will give you a unique chance to explore the city through a new vision and outlook.

2. Spin on the beats of music – Are you a dance lover? Then spin your belly on the beats of Nigerian music. You can find a variety of dancing schools in Lagos for learning the Salsa, no matter you are a beginner or an expert, you can find a great school to promote your talent and to learn something unique on your vacation.

3. Bring up active lifestyle – Does maintaining an active lifestyle means you more than anything else? Don’t worry you won’t have to compromise your active schedule during the vacation in Lagos. There are plenty of gyms available locally in Lagos and the availability of open ambiance allows you to take a long jog whenever you want. You can also find some free exercise classes occasionally around the streets.

4. Meditate in Ashrams – Peace of mind and soul is vital for each one of us and you can definitely promote it by taking up a meditation session in Lagos city. There are substantial Indian meditation ashrams over here bringing up an unusual yet joyful experience on Lagos travel. Taking these sessions can bring down anxiety and travel stress easily.

5. Experience festivities of Nigeria – People of various faith and religion constitute the population of Nigeria hence you can well expect a range of festivities you can witness around the year. The population of Nigeria is composed of Muslims, Christians, and Hindus. So you will have a great time associating with locals during all the festivities.

So what are you waiting for take your cheap flights to Lagos and explore all these wonderful things!

Top 5 Unusual yet Amazing Things to Try On Your Dubai Vacation

Dubai is definitely one of the most travel favorable destinations across the globe. The city is the perfect extract of modernity and Middle Eastern culture. From sky-high buildings to surreal views the city is always a pleasant surprise for you and your companions on the tour. If your life is driven by the wanderlust and you love to explore unusual but amazing things while traveling then you are at the right place.

Just take on cheap flights to Dubai and explore these wonderful destinations on your vacation –

1. Explore the palm islands – Palm Islands are definitely the most astonishing marvel of engineering. Being a stretch of man-made islands this destination also holds spectacular Burj-Al-Arab. The destination is plain beauty created with engineering. You can explore this destination by taking a boat from Marina and it will take you through the territory of palm islands.

2. Get skiing at the Emirates mall – Would you love to experience the chilly side of Dubai? We hope you do! The Mall of Emirates has an indoor skiing facility for travelers who wish to explore something unique in Dubai. You can snowboard here and can take the ride on the slides to add to your experience.

3. Turn on the Adventure at Wild Wadi – Wild Wadi is Dubai’s personal theme and Water Park. It is located in front of Burj Khalifa and is well known for its Arabian folklore and characters. Although one of the least talked about, this destination lets you can indulge in ultimate adventure.

4. Get yourself some Souk goodies – Dubai is famous for its gold and spice souk from ages and if you aren’t planning on exploring it then you are definitely missing a big deal. The place is ultimate heaven for cheap gold jewelry and aromatic spices. You will not just find the best bargain but best quality products too. You will get the true flavors and aroma of Middle East at this souk.

5. Relax at Dubai Marina – Marina is an artificial canal district in Dubai which is well known for its cruises, skyscraper buildings, and miles long stretches ideal for jogging. A night at Marina is the best relaxing escape you will ever have, just witness the surreal beauty of twinkling Dubai buildings and tranquil waters.

So what are you waiting for! Choose amongst the best flights to Dubai and explore all these unusually amazing destinations listed.