Five Mysterious and Spooky Places to Explore By Taking Cheap Flight Tickets to India

India is a destination that oozes cultures and spirituality in abundant amounts. The specialty of this nation is that the more you explore the more you are going to love it. Being a myriad of landscapes you can expect a variety of destinations here. But if you are an adventure lover and wish to explore India a bit differently this travel season then keep on reading. We have compiled a list of five amazingly mysterious and spooky destinations that can give you chills.

Take cheap tickets to India and enjoy a petrifying experience at these five spooky destinations –

1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan – Bhangarh Fort is recognized as the most petrifying destinations of all and is also considered among world’s top haunted sites. Bhangarh Fort lies on the way from Jaipur city to Alwar in the Rajasthan State of India. This fort was once a lively royal residency during medieval period but after several events, the entire fort was left stranded. You will hear various horror legends associated with this fort and numerous people reports wild screams after sunset and before sunrise.

2. Dumas Beach, Gujarat – Dumas Beach in Gujarat is the most famous spooky beach of India and it has something really creepy about its atmosphere. Being located in the southern region of Gujarat State, it has mysterious black sand eerie ambiance about it. The beach was once a burial ground for Hindus and is believed to be full of spirits. This beach is at its spookiest in the night!

3. Delhi Cantonment – Delhi is definitely the liveliest metropolitan in India and is famous for its nightlife. But would it excite you if I tell that there is a haunted road in Delhi that becomes ghostly in the night! Yes, Delhi cantonment is an area with amazing greenery and eerie ambiance. While driving past the road, be prepared to come across a lady ghost dressed in white. The lady asks for lift and vanishes as soon as the driver stops. If you refuse to do so, she will follow you with a running speed equivalent to your vehicle.

4. Three Kings Church, Goa – If you are planning to visit Goa sometime soon then visiting Three Kings Church could be thrilling. The church has associated legend of the murder of two Portuguese Kings by a third king who later committed suicide. The three of them were buried inside the church and now this destination is believed to be haunted. People feel mysterious paranormal activities inside this church and the place turns bizarre in the evening.

5. Tunnel Number 103, Shimla – Shimla is a wonderful hill station located in proximity to the capital, Delhi. This hill station was once a British summer resort in colonial age and toy train still runs here. There are plenty of tunnels through which this amazing toy train travels, but the spookiest one is definitely Tunnel Number 103. This tunnel is believed to be haunted by numerous evil spirits and the dark damp ambiance inside makes it even more mysterious. Get prepared to come across a ghostly woman if your train passes through this tunnel.

Explore all these mysterious destinations as you avail your next cheap flight tickets to India.

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