5 Best Beautiful Scenic Valleys of Pakistan to Leave you Entirely Mesmerized

Pakistan is located on the abode of most beautiful and abundant natural surroundings. Apart from being a country of rich cultural and historical significance, Pakistan ranks among most beautiful countries of the Indian subcontinent. Its vivid geography and imprints of cultural heritage on every single thing makes it a place worth exploring on and about. From hot harsh desert in the west to the cool valleys of the north, take your needed vacations to Pakistan and indulge in exotically brilliant valleys.

Begin your journey by taking cheap flights to Islamabad and then proceed to explore these five wonderful valleys mentioned below –

1. Neelum Valley – Neelum Valley is abundantly beautiful and mesmerizing valley located in the Azad Kashmir region. The place is nearly untouched by the tourists and is, therefore, a must explore destination when you are planning to visit Pakistan. Located in foothills of lesser Himalayas, Neelum valley is towered with huge hills and lush greenery along with flowing Neelum River. Destinations like Athmuqam, Karen, Neelum, Baboon, Noori top, Ratti Galli, Sharda Fort, etc. should be visited when you are here.

2. Hunza Valley – Hunza Valley is a picturesque mountain beauty located in the midst of Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. With a great elevation of 2500 meters and the Hunza River flowing at the close proximity, you can expect some stunning views in this beautiful valley. Take an extensive tour to check out the glacial regions, high peaks, and riverside regions of Hunza Valley. Diran Base Camp, Hoper Glacier, Khunjrab Pass, Atta Abad Lake and Nagar valley will prove to be great travel destinations here.

3. Kalash Valley – Located in the northern region of Pakistan, Kalash is a mesmerizing valley under the Hindu Kush mountain range. This valley has picturesque scenery that is enough to spellbind you with its natural views. Also, here you can meet locals who have carried forward the legacy of unique ancient Hinduism through numerous years. The culture is extremely different from that of entire Pakistan and you would have a great time knowing it.

4. Naltar Valley – Naltar Valley is a place that will make you fall in love with its appealing natural views and colorful lakes. Located in Gilgit region, this destination is no less than a paradise and the landscapes are a pure delight to watch. Nature resides here in a raw and untouched form enabling you to feel the presence of a heaven on the earth.

5. Swat Valley – Located in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan, Swat Valley is counted among the best valleys of Indian Subcontinent. This valley is located in the upper region of the Hindu-Kush mountain range and is often termed as Mini Switzerland of Pakistan. Enjoy the scenic views of the landscape here and fall in love with unaltered beauty as you explore Natural Ushu Valley and Ushu Forest, Mahodand Valley and Lake, Malam Jabba, Bonir, and Der here.

These five spectacular valleys will exemplify your entire experience of exploring Pakistan. Don’t wait but book your cheap flights to Lahore to observe majestic landscapes of Indian Subcontinent.

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