6 Excellently Scenic and Must See Destinations of the Caribbean Wonder St Lucia

Caribbean Islands are counted as the most beautiful and scenic travel spot in the entire world. It’s impossible to deny the irresistible beauty and travel-friendly ambiance of these islands. People from all over the world visit the exquisite beaches of Caribbean to feed themselves some quality time with nature. There are a plenty of islands located in the Caribbean Sea, but St Lucia is a country that you just can’t miss to explore. Keep reading this blog to know more about St Lucia’s most precious travel destinations.

St Lucia is no bigger than a dot on the paper when you try to search it on the world map and it neighbors some of the most amazing Caribbean countries like Barbados, Dominica, Antigua, etc. You can begin your journey to Caribbean islands by availing cheap flights to St Lucia and then travel to all those wonderful gems of Caribbean Sea. These are six scenically fantastic travel attractions that you can’t afford to miss in St Lucia –

1. Pitons – The Pitons are the most prominent landmark of St Lucia and no trip to St Lucia can ever be complete without visiting the pitons. The twin towering peaks of St. Lucia is formed by volcanic activity in the past and is now a really famous traveling spot. The height of both the pitons is more than 700 meters and is quite tough to climb to. The tourists often visit this place to get indulged in splendid landscape beauty and to take cliff diving from the top.

2. Rodney Bay – Rodney Bay is located on the northwest coast of St Lucia and it is the busiest commercial hub of the country. The place is named after a British naval officer George Brydges Rodney. This bay is the epicenter of modern resorts, hotels, fun bars, duty-free shopping, etc. You can find a lot of amazing St. Lucia’s delicacies to indulge in over here. Also find a lot of adventure sports to cherish as you explore this fantastic destination.

3. Pigeon Island – Pigeon Island holds extremely great historical significance in St. Lucia. This island was a British and French battleground in past and now it is a really famous historical destination to visit. Here you will find multiple old forts of both British and French origin along with the exquisite landscape exhibiting the abundant beauty of St Lucia.

4. Gros Islet – Gros Islet is located on the northern tip of St Lucia and is a brilliant destination to have some fishing. You can take a lovely cruise to catch some local fishes while experiencing the divine beauty of this destination’s landscape. Get involved with locals by striking some fantastic conversations over some delicious delicacies and grooving music.

5. Vieux Fort – Vieux Fort is located on the southern tip of St Lucia and is famous for its beaches and lighthouses. Earlier, it used to be a center for sugar industry of St Lucia but is now a famous tourist spot. You can take a cruise on the boat or can also indulge in some sightseeing at this destination. The beach here is extremely serene and will let you fall in love with the peace.

6. Laborie Quarter – Laborie Quarter used to once come under the administrative division of French. The place is a surreal beauty of landscapes and turquoise blue waters. Here you can also interact with locals of villages and can even take a few adventure sports to bring up the adrenaline levels. At the end, you will be mesmerized with the experiences that you build over here.

Explore all these abundantly beautiful destinations of Caribbean by taking your much-awaited flights to St Lucia. Make the most of your Caribbean travel by traveling just the best destinations!

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