Top 3 Fantastic Caribbean Countries that are Ideal for Honeymoon Travel

The wedding is termed as the beginning of a new life together and something which is eagerly looked upon. The days after the D-day should be celebrated in the most frolic manner ever and that’s all honeymoon is about. You must be starry-eyed to begin your married journey and there could be nothing more fun than taking a travel leap at such occasion. There are various fancy honeymoon destinations across the globe inviting you to come and explore. But exploring the Caribbean has its own divine side, the mesmerizing landscape, and tranquil surroundings bring you some relaxing time. The fascinating blue waters, gleaming sunlight and abundantly huge sea shores are some of the finest offerings of Caribbean.

You can begin your Caribbean journey by taking flights to Barbados and then moving forward. There are various small and large countries located in the Caribbean and each one of them has something fancy about it. To sort your honeymoon plan we have combined a list of three spectacular Caribbean destinations that are worth your time and money. So without any wait, let’s get started with the most romantic destination list of Caribbean –

1. Cuba – Cuba is a popular island of Caribbean with the largest living space in the Caribbean. The country is popular for its white sand beaches and tobacco production. Cuba exhibits the Spanish colonial culture through its wonderful architecture and you will be able to experience a cultural escape in its local lanes. If you as a couple enjoy the cultural escape then Cuba will be the ideal honeymoon destination for you. Havana brings you a little closer to the city life of Cuba while the Varadero will bring forward the exquisite Caribbean experience. There are plenty of destinations to explore in Cuba and you can’t just get enough of it.

2. St. Lucia – St Lucia is another famous Caribbean destination located in the east, it is a famous honeymoon destination with plenty of natural landscape beauty. This island country offers ultimate peaceful refuge to you and your beau. You can recline on the scenic beaches with your beau or can even take underwater exploration to add some fun to your lively days. The famous pitons of St. Lucia are excellent to take on a hike with your partner. Find some time to check out Castries, a famous shopping and harbor destination in St. Lucia.

3. Barbados – Barbados is a brilliant Caribbean island destination to spend your romantic days at. The island is located in the eastern Caribbean and has a variety of scenic sights to offer. The country was once a British colony and holds breathtaking scenery to mesmerize your senses. From late night romantic strolls along the beach to the cruise rides, you will find a lot of romantic things to do here as a couple. Visit Bridgetown which pours Barbados culture thoroughly and Bathsheba is a brilliant destination to experience the adventurous surfing. You can also easily find plenty of affordable hotels in Barbados for the luxurious and comfortable living.

So, which one would you like to choose for your honeymoon vacation?

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