Five Safest and Liveliest Middle Eastern Cities Which Must Be Included In Your Travel List

You find the best travel destinations at most unexpected places, same goes with the Middle East. The region is far ancient and millions of civilizations have been thriving here from time immemorial. It is the birthplace of world’s most prominent religions and this reason is enough to go and explore this wonderful subcontinent.

The Middle East holds one of the most wonderful treasures in it and the beautiful mountains, warm streams, sky-high pyramids, etc. constitute to it. But the frequent political turmoil and happenings of terrorist attacks often pushes you to rethink your decision of exploring the Middle East. You would be surprised to know that there are plenty of safe and lively cities that you can explore in the Middle East. You can always start your journey by taking cheap flights to Dubai from London and then exploring your way to other amazing cities.

Here are top five Middle Eastern cities apart from Dubai that you would love spending your vacations at –

1. Abu Dhabi – Abu Dhabi is the second most populous city of United Arab Emirates and is one of the most lavish and liveliest cities of the Middle East. The oil export and commerce has defined the grandeur of this city and it is a sheer paradise for the travelers. With a number of skyline towers and shopping mega centers, Abu Dhabi ranks among top-most luxurious places to live on the Earth. There is a lot that you can actually do in Abu Dhabi, join a dessert safari, explore the local souks, and indulge in local cuisines for a wonderful experience.

2. Doha – Doha is the capital city of the State of Qatar and is counted among most populous cities of the Middle East. It is one of the fastest growing cities and you can feel it the moment you step in here. Doha is a perfect travel destination for you if you are looking to know The Middle Eastern culture a bit close. Also, the modern lifestyle and abundance of water sports make it the best place for adventurous souls. You will find a number of Islamic museums, mosques and art galleries to explore here.


3. Muscat – Muscat is the capital city of Oman and perfectly sits between the mountains and desert. The city has an elaborate port where a number of commercial activities are performed each day. Muscat is the perfect amalgamation of Middle Eastern culture with modern lifestyle. Being extremely safe and lively city, you can almost always fall in love with this destination. Take a city tour to explore museums, mosques, and opera house here. Oman also has its personal Grand Canyon at Al Hajar Mountains that you must pay a visit to.

4. Jerusalem – Israel is a country of great religious importance and its capital Jerusalem is, therefore, a city that you must visit at least once in a lifetime. Located between Mediterranean and Dead Sea, this oldest city of the world holds one of the most beautiful and ancient churches of the world. Take a tour to the old city where you will find a number of churches, marketplaces, synagogues, and more to explore. Visiting Jerusalem will be like taking a journey through to the ancient times through a time machine, as you can never get enough of it.

5. Cairo – The capital metropolitan of Egypt, Cairo is an ancient yet really dynamic city located on the bank of Nile. The city is densely populated and holds the magnificent Giza pyramids that are a must watch. Cairo reflects its culture and modern lifestyle through everything and the city is extremely safe to travel to. There are also a number of mosques, mummy museums, and downtown region that you could explore when you visit the city.

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