6 Reasons Why Barbados is the Best Honeymoon Destination in the Caribbean

“Nothing can soothe a soul like a walk on the beach” – Anonymous

Beaches are nature’s best resort to relax and exhale your worries. From providing soothing suns soak to bringing the unforgettable landscape to your access, there is a lot that can mesmerize you on a beach. Taking a long and enjoyable vacation at a beach is a great idea when you are on your honeymoon.

Speaking of beaches, the best one on the earth lies in the Caribbean. Travelers swear by Caribbean beaches and its exquisite ambiance. In fact, no other international tour can compete with the one you can take in the Caribbean. The majestic golden sand and turquoise waters enjoyed with a pina colada in hand create the perfect idea of a vacation. Book your cheap flights to Barbados from London and take the needed escape from boring reality with your partner.

Barbados is a brilliantly unique Caribbean country with umpteen travel offerings. If you are still indecisive about spending a vacation here then here are six main reasons why it would be the best bet for you –

1. It is purely beautiful – Barbados is the charm of Caribbean and is purely nature’s delight to experience. The tropical warm climate and abundance of fresh greens all around make it a soothing place to relax. Days in Barbados are sun-filled and nights are just as enchanting and balmy. The beauty of Barbados appears just unreal and fantastic enough to experience with your spouse.

2. It has got world’s best tropical beaches – the Caribbean holds world’s finest tropical beaches and Barbados has got a fair share of those. Different coasts of Barbados have got different travel treasures for its explorers. The north coast has got private coves and bays. The west coast has got white sandy bay with a number of water activities to do. The south coast is a surfing heaven and the west coast is great for walking or soaking in sun.

cheap flights to Barbados from London 3. It has got a timeless heritage – Barbados is a country with a diverse history of Arawaks, Caribs and European colonization. You will well observe the influence of all these cultures as you walk through the cities and towns of Barbados. The land is known to be the home of the Pirates of Caribbean and there are plenty of World Heritage Sites here to intrigue your mind.

4. It has amazing accommodation options – Barbados is relevantly affordable yet so luxurious as compared to other popular countries of Caribbean. You can find a number of resorts and boutique hotels for contemporary living. The best part is that all these accommodations offer abundant lush greenery and heritage plantation right at the sea side. This means that you can wake up to fresh and beautiful scenery each morning.

5. It has a romantic ambiance – Barbados is a purely romantic destination, ideal for the honeymoon. Its distinct geography and breathtaking landscapes are enough to make you fall in love. The nights here are as amazing as days and you can plan a perfect candlelight dinner for your partner right under the twinkling stars. There are plenty of beautiful honeymoon suites that you can find here without even rattling your travel budget.

6. It provides a great share of adventurous activities – Barbados is an excellent honeymoon destination for couples that love to experience adventure in its purest form. With a plenty of water sports and activities, Barbados ranks top among all the other Caribbean countries. Go for water surfing, power boat ride, submarine tour, underwater exploration, etc. when you visit Barbados. Island safari is also an amazing couple activity that you can do here.

Book your cheap flights to Barbados because there is no other amazing honeymoon destination like it!

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