7 Reasons Why You Need to Book Cheap Flights to Islamabad during These Vacations

Do you want to explore the travel pleasures of South Asia? South Asia is a subcontinent comprised of countries such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, etc. It is one of the most rapidly progressing economies with a rich cultural heritage associated with it. Every country in this subcontinent has something unique about it. Traveling to this part of the world has its own share of advantages and you would love to explore the wonderful destinations here. If you are planning to visit any of the mentioned countries on vacations then we would recommend you to start from Islamabad.

You can book your Cheap Flights from London to Islamabad to start the amazing journey to this subcontinent. Here are seven reasons why beginning your journey from Islamabad would be the right thing to do –

1. It is a Chic Capital City – Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan, commonly identified as the planned and modern city. This city is dreamlike and living here will feel like a luxury. It is also equipped with great infrastructure which is comparably better than most of the South Asian cities that you visit. You will be able to experience the delight of contemporary living in the freshest ambiance ever by staying here.

2. It is Surrounded by the Hills – Do you enjoy spending your vacations in hills? Islamabad will be the best vacation destination for you. The city is surrounded by the famous Margalla Hills that falls under Himalayan Mountain Range. These hills look amazing during every season of the year, especially on the rainy days. You can easily travel back and fro Margalla hills from Islamabad, making the best hangout destination for the weekends.

3. Great Spot for Adventure Sports – Love adventure sports? You can enjoy city life and adventure sports both at Islamabad. Margalla Hills offer the best spot for taking activities such as hiking, cycling, go-karting, shooting, paragliding etc. You are never going to have a low time here since all these activities will provide you a great thrill of adventure.


4. It is hugely diverse and international – Islamabad is a city that spells diversity in every manner. People from around the world come to live and explore this city and you will more likely to run into tourists every now and then. The amazing lifestyle of this city makes it an ideal destination to take vacations in Pakistan.

5. Has got Amazing Places to Eat – Pakistan is well famous for its mouth-smacking food and there are plenty of bazaars that you can find here. The most amazing part of living in Islamabad is that you can relish on delicious cuisines that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Take an early morning or evening tour to Islamabad’s bazaars; there are plenty of local and high-end eating options available here.

6. Has got Amazing Buildings and Structures – Islamabad is well famous for its architecture and is one of a kind city in Pakistan as well as South Asia. There are plenty of sky-high luxurious buildings that you are going to find here. Don’t forget to visit Faisal Mosque, it is pristine white and has got an unconventional design that you would hardly see anywhere else in the world. The mosque appears mesmerizing on a rainy day, so make sure you visit it if you plan to explore Islamabad in monsoon season.

7. Things are Extremely Affordable Here – Pakistan is a really inexpensive country when you compare it with other popular travel destinations of the world. Go for it if you are in for a cultural escape and want to spend the least money on travel. You will also easily find Cheap Flights to Islamabad to explore the marvelous city of Pakistan. Begin your journey to Islamabad and you would cherish the memories forever!

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