8 Interesting Activities to Undertake When You Visit Peshawar for the First Time

Peshawar is a city that spells charm on the one who visits it for the first time. The moment you arrive here, you can sense a wonderful charm in this city and the plenty of magnificent wonders are waiting for you here. Known to be a famous city of Pakistan and capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar is infused with culture in everything that it offers. It is a great place for the history lovers and the narrow lanes down this city will make you feel like you’ve stepped out of time machine.

Taking cheap flights to Peshawar from London is the best idea as this city has plenty of wonderful things to offer. If you are visiting here for the first time then planning these eight interesting activities will make you enjoy your vacations even more, here is the list –

1. Plan a Visit to Peshawar Mosque – No cultural escape to Peshawar can ever be complete without visiting the Peshawar Mosque, especially when it’s your first time in this city. Built in 1905, this museum holds the artifacts collected from British, Hindu, Mughal, South Asian, and Buddhist era. Taking a historical escape to the ancient times of Pakistan will be possible when you visit here.

2. Stroll the Qisa Khwani Bazaar – Qisa Khwani Bazaar is a place where you can feel like you’ve stepped in the street of ancient storytellers. This bazaar is thousand years old and you will get to feel this in each and everything that you see here. You can stroll through this amazing bazaar collecting pieces that you would hardly see anywhere else and sip the green tea that can be easily found here.

Flights to Peshawar from London

Flights to Peshawar from London

3. Visit the Khyber Pass – Khyber Pass is one of the oldest passes in the history of the world. It connects Pakistan and Afghanistan and is a famous tourist spot in Peshawar. It is known to be an integral part of the ancient Silk Road and holds great cultural and economic significance. In a few recent years, it has been occupied by Taliban which has eventually curbed the flow of tourists in this region.

4. Visit the Buddhist Stupas – Stupas in Pakistan! You might be wondering is that actually true? Peshawar holds the remains of one of the oldest Buddhist Stupas and is one of the top-most visited spots. Not even locals but foreigners as well come to visit the Buddhist Stupas of Peshawar. These Stupas has the magnificent architecture that is special enough to be found in Peshawar.

5. Take a Safari to the Hindu Kush – Hindu Kush is a famous mountain range in Asia stretching across Afghanistan-Pakistan border. It is considered as an excellent place to take road trips, undertaking sightseeing experiences, adventurous activities and much more. The Hindu Kush is also regarded as the rooftop of the World. It is a great place to seek some adventure out of your travel schedule.

6. Explore Bala Hisaar Fort – Bala Hisaar Fort is a famous historical place in Peshawar and is a must watch destination. The name means elevated or high fort. You can trace the sight of this fort while driving from Rawalpindi or Khyber Pass. This beautiful fort is extremely grand inside and is a must to explore when you visit Peshawar.

7. Take a Boat Cruise – Peshawar is an interesting city but if you want to something quirky here then you must take a boat cruise at Sardaryab. It is a local tourist and picnic spot near Peshawar famous for its boat rides on the bank of Kabul River. You can easily rent a boat here with your family for an interesting experience.

8. Experience Rooftop Barbeque – Dinner at Peshawar can be even more awesome when you choose a rooftop Barbeque to experience. You can make your evening interesting by booking a table with your spouse or family at restaurants like Tatara or Bukhara. These two are famous rooftop Barbeque restaurants in Peshawar where you can munch on delicious food as much as you can.

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