Islamabad or Karachi: Which Travel Destination Should Make to Your Travel bucket List?

Are you a travel enthusiast with a bucket list loaded with destinations? Traveling presents us with chances of knowing the world through a lens. It takes us close to the culture, lifestyle, and people that we hardly know. It is said that the more you travel, the more amazing your life becomes. It presents you with the opportunities of knowing the unique creation of nature that helps you in finding your own self. Every person who travels goes through some form of transformation in their life.

If you are planning to take your Cheap Flights from London to Islamabad soon then you might want to know whether or not it will be the perfect destination for you to explore. There are plenty of amazing cities in Pakistan and each one of it is unique in its ways. However, Islamabad and Karachi are two prominent cities that will catch your focus even before landing in Pakistan. You will think which city you should explore first? To solve your confusion, read what Islamabad and Karachi can add to your travel journey and make the right selection on your own.

Islamabad –

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan with the population of two million and geographically amazing location. It is also popularly known as the future city of the world and its beauty is simply amazing to explain. Surrounded by the hills all around, the fresh scenery of Islamabad is one of a kind in Pakistan. The city neighbors with Rawalpindi on one side, which is another amazing city of Pakistan. You will get an uptown vibe as soon as you step in Islamabad. These are a few things that set Islamabad unique enough to explore –

  • The city is luxurious in every possible way
  • The city is very diverse and is a hub for international tourists
  • The city has skyscrapers that will mesmerize you
  • The city is very affordable and you can explore everything within your budget
  • There are plenty of amazing cafes and high-end restaurants here
  • The city is surrounded by its own hills known as Margalla Hills
  • You can always find adventurous activities for fun here

Karachi –

Karachi is another popular city of Pakistan located on the shore of the Arabian Sea. It is the largest and most populous city of Pakistan and is the most cosmopolitan city of all. It is the commercial center and a major transportation hub in Pakistan. The city is densely crowded and is also the entertainment hub of Pakistan. The media and film industry of Pakistan is deeply rooted in the culture of Karachi and you will experience it the moment you put your first step here. These are a few things that define Karachi and make it exploration worthy for the travelers –

  • The city has interesting and incomparable culture
  • The city has diverse crowd speaking Urdu and Punjabi
  • It is a craft lover’s paradise as you can find plenty of amazing things
  • The city has amazing bazaars with bustling crowd
  • You will amazing mouth smacking local cuisines in bazaars here
  • The city is a rich blend of old and new
  • The city is a shopper’s paradise from where you can purchase things

Both these cities have a unique charm about them; Islamabad is more luxurious while Karachi is more simple yet fun. Islamabad has cold and hot temperature at various seasons of the year. Whereas, Karachi’s temperature remains fairly moderate all year. You can book your Cheap Flights to Islamabad to experience the city life of Islamabad or you can start your journey from Karachi.

No matter which city you choose, you will certainly enjoy the cultural spark of Pakistan!

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