Five Gourmet Delicacies That Will Invite You to Visit Peshawar Again and Again

“Good Food is Good Mood” – Anonymous

Believe it or not, it is the food that fills your soul and nourishes your body. Food is nothing less than the nectar that supports life and it becomes really essential to eat amazing things. When you are out and about the travel to an exotic location, food is something that fills your memories with fragrances. Ever wondered why you feel so satisfied just with the smell of the food! Your mood uplifts just on the call of delicious food and it does great wonders when combined with travel.

Planning to book Cheap Flights to Peshawar? If you know anything about Peshawar city then you would already know how the city is famously known for its cuisines. The moment you step into the bazaars (market area); you will be able to smell mesmerizing food from far. Peshawar is famous for its Pashtun cuisines that emerged predominantly in eastern Afghanistan and western Pakistan. The cuisines are largely based on preparations that include different cereals and meat variety. These dishes also include dairy products, nuts, and locally grown vegetables.

If you are visiting Peshawar for the first time then here are five gourmet delicacies that you can relish upon. So let’s get our list started –

  1. Chapli Kebabs – Chapli kebabs are authentic Peshawari style delicacy made out of minced beef or mutton combined with flavorful spices. It is found all over Pakistan but the kind of kebabs you get in Peshawar is just amazing. It is often eaten as the appetizer and even main course or side dish. You can easily find this dish on the streets and can even eat this in the form of sandwiches with a naan.
  2. Mantu – Mantu are dumpling sort of cuisine but is of Turkic origin. These are specifically made of spiced meat mixture wrapped in dough. It is available in both boiled and steam variant and is diversely prepared in Russia and other Central Asian countries. Typically served with a flavored sauce and herbs, it is a great dish to relish upon in your lunch.
  3. Peshawari Kulchey – Kulchey and Peshawar are identified as one. Being the staple food item of Peshawar, you can expect a great deal of perfection in the manner it is baked. Kulchey is nothing but the flatbread that is eaten with one or more side dishes. These are soft and fluffy in shape and melts just as you toss it in your mouth. You got to taste this once as you are out in the bazaars of Peshawar.
  4. Aush – A rich and fragrant soup is the finest way to begin your full course meal for the evening. To satisfy your craving, you can start with Aush which is a soup dish made of Afghani noodles, vegetables, and a tomato based broth. To amplify the taste of this dish, yogurt sauce and dried mint leaves are added on the top. The rich flavors of this soup will serve as a great appetizer for starting any meal.
  5. Peshawari Qahwa – Qahwa is the most important and highly enjoyed beverage of Peshawar. It is nothing but your old tea that just got a makeover. It is served along with the delicious Peshawari cuisines and supports digestion. The warm and sweet taste of Qahwa is excellent to go along with your meals and is even an excellent beverage to keep you awake at night. Natives of Peshawar grab their Qahwa for the rounds of endless chit chats and other occasions.

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