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Take the Historical Ride through Time by Booking Cheap Flights to Peshawar

Book your Cheap Flights to Peshawar to get on a ride that takes you through the cultural-historical lanes of those early days of Pakistan. Flights Masters brings you a step closer to the deeply earthy culture of Pashtuns by bringing you to Peshawar. The city of Peshawar is capital Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. It is the ninth largest city in Pakistan and is an influential administrative and economic hub of the country. Peshawar is a travel heaven for you if you are looking to explore the historical majestic city that has still not lost its charm in this modern age. Explore the beauty of this city by taking your Flights to Peshawar.
Peshawar is an ancient city with roots as deep as Alexander the Great's invasion. This city has seen multiple dynasties and numerous rulers, from Aryans, Greeks, Persians, Mughals, to British. Each one of those has left a unique imprint on this city’s culture and you will get the glimpses of those the moment you step in this city. Book your own cheap flights to Peshawar from London to experience the deeply rooted legacy of Peshawar city. Here you will access bazaar that appears like Arabian Nights tales that you used to listen to in your childhood. Get on your Flights to Pakistan to experience this majestic land of unique culture.

Book Cheap Flights to Peshawar   Peshawar Museum

Peshawar Museum was created in the year 1907 in the memory of Queen Victoria during the colonial rule of British here. This museum displays multiple prominent civilizations that have thrived in the South Asia, including Indus, Hindu, Mughal, Buddhist and British architecture. The museum is known to keep an abundant collection of Gandharan sculptures, coins, weapons, art, and craft. Book your Flights to Peshawar from London and explore the majestic civilization imprints at Peshawar Museum.

Last Minute Flights to Peshawar   Mohabbat Khan Mosque

Mohabbat Khan Mosque is the most renowned mosque of Peshawar whose construction dates back to 17th century. The mosque was named after the Mughal governor of Peshawar named Nawab Mahabat Khan. The mosque is grand and pristine white in its appearance with a huge prayer hall and two large minarets standing high. The mosque exhibits the beauty of Mughal architecture in the most alluring manner. You can indulge in the wall carvings, climb to rooftop, or explore the wide courtyard as you explore this majestic mosque.

Flights to Peshawar   Bala Hisaar Fort

Bala Hisaar Fort is a visual retreat when you visit Peshawar and it can't certainly be missed. You can visit this destination either by driving from Rawalpindi or Khyber. This fort is immense in size and is made of red sandstone that is charming enough to explore all round the year. The building has grand gateways that take you in an even vast inside portion of the fort. It is a specimen of beauty and is something that you can't miss to explore in Peshawar. Book your affordable Flights to Peshawar to visit this distinct travel destination.

Last Minute Flights to Lahore   Hindu Kush Mountains

Hindu Kush Mountains are stretched across the central Afghanistan and northern Pakistan. With snow-capped peaks and one of the world's highest mountains located, this is a must travel destination for adventure hungry souls. You can take on a hike, road trip, adventure sports and much more here and the road to the Hindu Kush traverses through Peshawar city. Make bookings for Cheap Flights to Peshawar and experience the wonders that the Hindu Kush has to offer.

Flights Masters Equips your Travel with Cheap flights to Peshawar from London

Peshawar is a majestic city that is thoroughly unique and exhibits its own individual charm, unlike other Pakistani cities. The historical lanes of Peshawar are still present and thriving and you could see that up close by booking your Flights to Peshawar. Flights Masters equips your travel to Peshawar city by bringing its uniquely cheap flights to Peshawar from London. We assist your travel through our extensive packages and related services. You can choose our specific travel packages that are hassle-free and supports a qualified range of amenities for comfortable living. Explore the historical vividness of Pakistan by taking quality travel services with us. Flights Masters lets you explore destinations beyond your imagination!


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